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We can sniff them out in the sofa...

...and even in a suitcase...

...because Marty Nose!

Marty Nose – Bed Bug Scent Detection

Whether you’re buying, selling, or just renting, protect yourself and your investment. Have an inspection before you buy or move into a new property. Nothing replaces your peace of mind quite like knowing that your residence is bed bug free.
Marty performs pre and post occupancy canine inspections to certify that dwellings are bed bug free or to check if any treatments that were done were effective and since we are not affiliated or working for an extermination company, we have no conflict of interest issues and no quotas to meet every month.
Even if you just came home from vacation and want your bags & suitcases checked or are staying in a local area hotel and want your room checked, we are available – just call (808) 724-2617 for our Honolulu office or (917) 310-5915 for our New York office. Make an appointment today and you can know what Marty Nose!

Targeted Live Scent Detection

Marty was trained specifically to sniff out the scent of live bed bugs and bed bug eggs with pinpoint accuracy, not for cast off skins, dead bed bugs and fecal matter.

NESDCA Certified

Marty and his handler, Ben, have completed intensive training courses from nationally recognized trainers and hold current NESDCA (National Entomology Scent Detection Canine Association) certifications.

Trained for Any Environment

Marty and Ben can work in nearly any environment, covering up to 35 apartments per day, healthcare facilities, office buildings, hotels, movie theaters, luggage areas and much more.

Flexible Work Schedule

Marty and Ben are available by appointment and can work with your schedule. Have an emergency? Call (808) 724-2617 (Honolulu) or (917) 310-5915 (New York) to arrange an appointment before an infestation takes hold.


After getting mysterious bites for a couple weeks and finding nothing, we called in Marty and within 30 minutes we knew that we had bed bugs and exactly where they were. Thanks Marty!

Mark Stern Queens NY

Marty and his handler Ben were great, they helped me find the bugs and form a plan to get rid of them.

Lisa Centola Brooklyn NY

The discreteness and quality of service they provide is very professional. My problem is that I have a lot of nosy neighbors and didn't want anyone to know that I might have a bed bug problem and Marty was in and out without anyone knowing.

Liz C. New York, NY

Gladly we have had no sign of any other bites. I would definitely recommend Marty to anyone that thinks they might have bed bugs.

David K. Manhattan NY

Marty and her handler Ben are total pros, they did a post-treatment inspection today and Marty discovered that there were apparently still some bugs in a cardboard box of old photos that had been sitting near my bed. Since then I have been bite and bug free!

Amanda H. New York

Contact details:

Areas of Service: Honolulu, HI & New York, NY

New York Office: (917) 310-5915

Honolulu Office: (808) 724-2617

Fax: Monday – Friday: 9am-7pm | Also available by appointment.